Best Android ROMs that I experienced

For a long time, I have yet to find best ROM variant to my galaxy s2. I used so many different names with different benefits. Battery life, smoothness, loading performance and such qualifications are general expectations of a user but I know that it is really killing to find all of those constraints in one ROM. One might give good performance whereas it drains your battery in a hour, on the other experience, one might gives best battery juice with varying error messages you see in a day. I also come along that way and here is my list of best ROMs with specific pros and cons.

Paranoid ROM

     This ROM based on well known CynogenMod with very different and smart functional additions. It also has very young and crowded group of supporters. Even in social media you might get in contact with mayn people for any subject about the ROM.
  • One functional ingredient is HALO app. It is a handy notification handling tool. Instead of collecting all the notifications onto your toolbar, you might see your alerts on a small ball at the edge of your screen. You are also able to handle those alerted apps from this ball with easy gestures. You are also able to assign some of your favorite application to HALO, to reach them whenever you want.
  • Another beautiful feature is to set the toollbar color with respect to the application you are running. It provides a good distraction free looking on your phone.
  • It is very battery friendly ROM. As I tested, it is the least juice drinker compared to others.
  • You might want to play on the resolution of your phone, even you might set different values for different apps. For example you set some high resolution for your browser to surf with clear page views and small resolution for your Twitter app. This ROM gives this opportunity to you with a little additional setting feature.
  • Its biggest flaw is the unstable nature of the ROM. From start, It was a pain to install and work it right at the beginning. Maybe it was my naiveness but compared to other ROMs I should say that I tried over 5 times to get it right on my phone and I tried more for Gapps as well. In addition, once you say "It is working!" some update might crash all the expectation you have.
  • There is no official website, up to this date, you might consult about any information.

     It is maybe the most known 3rd party ROM in the environment and up to my knowledge, they are legible tittled with a registered brand name and a company.
  • First of all, it is very smooth and fast ROM distribution. The graphical transitions are far better than any other distribution of my experiences.
  • Good team behind the product and there is a official website you might visit for any problem or information.
  • Provides internal update system.
  • Salient and stable in relation to others. If you want to use some customized ROM and break the chains of delivered Android but you also hope to keep you system stable, far from different error messages CynogenMod is the one for this choice.


  • Most negative side of the ROM is its battery performance, especially for recent versions. It is killing my phone. If you are a nerd like me, surfing a lot,keeping track of the content in a road way, your battery expectations are not fulfilled by CynogenMod. There are some betterment possible with additional apps like Juicedefender, Greenify, however having such a problem is not so sharp over that stable distribution.


Pacman ROM
     Pacman claims that it combines best features of the well-known CynogenMod, Paranoid and AOKP ROMs in a very handy way. But as a disclaimer, I did not spend so much time with this ROM and I did not remember why is that :). However I also correct thatit provides many functionalities I really like on those targeted ROMs.
  • HALO app for handling notifications and favorite applications.
  • Toolbar coloring uniform for your viewed application.
  • It is more stable compared to Paranoid.
  • Official website wit community support.
  • Good brand name, if you like Pacman as me :).


  • Unstable with disturbing warnings over screen.
  • Batter drain is a problem for this ROM as well.
  • There are to much features and it is hard to get used to for a non-pro user.
  • Gapps installation might cause some problem.

     At the end I am using my CynogenMod in my phone since my eyes are looking for error box free screen on the phone. However, according to your need you might choose any of them with your check list.
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