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Brief History of Machine Learning


My subjective ML timeline
My subjective ML timeline (click for larger)

Since the initial standpoint of science, technology and AI, scientists following Blaise Pascal and Von Leibniz ponder about a machine that is intellectually capable as much as humans. Famous writers like Jules Continue reading Brief History of Machine Learning


Genetic Algorithms and a Great Talk

I just watched the great talk given by Elad Katz. Simply after all my background on machine learning algorithms, that the capacity of evolutionary algorithms is simply stunning, even the basic idea is really simple compared to sophisticated counterparts that are used widely in the learning litreture. I am not glib here. If you not believe me just take a look at the talk, especially some of the demos in the mid-while of the talk.



How is big data helpful for people and businesses?

All kind of data is useful for companies since they are able to understand and direct their customers as much as data is acquired. The main purpose of the business is that. Understand  customers so that you can make them happy, keep them alive in the company border. The only communication then is the data provided by all those people. They hire data analysis people and try to uncover some unknowns.
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Best Android ROMs that I experienced

For a long time, I have yet to find best ROM variant to my galaxy s2. I used so many different names with different benefits. Battery life, smoothness, loading performance and such qualifications are general expectations of a user but I know that it is really killing to find all of those constraints in one ROM. One might give good performance whereas it drains your battery in a hour, on the other experience, one might gives best battery juice with varying error messages you see in a day. I also come along that way and here is my list of best ROMs with specific pros and cons.

Paranoid ROM

     This ROM based on well known CynogenMod with very different and Continue reading Best Android ROMs that I experienced

A inspiring presentation about Gamification and Technology?

For who don't know any intuation about what gamification is, it is a new, trendy business concept for adopting game elements and design techniques for non-game concepts. For example the badget system of foursquare or points in Stackoverflow and such. It is really hot and newly named concept. For more info...

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3 websites you might see and like!

takes your mood status with a click on a good visual and gives you some music you might like. It works pretty well and in easy manner.

is collecting online videos from various social media resources like Twitter, Facebook and others. You can collect videos into personalized video channel. If you want to see some collection of videos according to your interests, Frequency is just for you.

is read later application that comes with all the tools work with your smart phone or web browser and makes your information search life easier. In addition with its tagging function you might reach your pages and sources after you read with the searching feature.


Correct your amiss understanding about Object o. Programming vs Procedural Programming.

I read this blog post while i was running on hacker news. It shows that lots of engineer have wrong understanding about OOP and PP. In addition, while students are learning how to program in OOP way they are just writint classes and because of that they are thinking that writing object oriented code. I strongly advice you to read that blog to see what I say.